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UROS 2016

UROS Project Showcase Posters 2016

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Cobalt complexes: Understanding changes in redox potential

(Student: Bradley Tyson)

(Supervisor: Dr. Sara Kyne)


Isolation of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus from food-grade Shellfish, particularly Aquacultured Shrimp, and it’s specific bacteriophage from environment sources

(Student: Charlie Capindale)

(Supervisor: Dr Ron Dixon)


Rheological analysis of biofilm-forming hydrogels to test suitability for use in wound healing

(Student: Dayna E. Grimshaw)

(Supervisor: Dr. Emma Wright)


Lincolnshire Young Persons Advisory Group: Gathering young people’s attitudes to and experiences of policing in Lincolnshire

(Student: Kathryn Brookfield)

(Supervisor: Sue Bond-Taylor)


An investigation of the effects of LED and fluorescent lighting to the Palace of Westminster contemporary paintings collection

(Students: Anna Rolph & Kiri Douglas)

(Supervisor: Dr. Melina Smirniou)


Impact of a 6-week exercise programme on retinal blood vessel geometry and cardio-respiratory fitness: An exploratory pilot study

(Students: Tom George, Chris Fraser, Hannah Booker, Steph Brennan & Jack Gear)

(Supervisors: Dr. Mark F. Smith & Dr. Bashir Al-Diri)


Studentification: Inner city blight or urban renewal

(Student: Matthew Mosey)

(Supervisor: Mike Neary)

Detecting chloride contamination of objects and buildings: Evaluating a new testing process

(Student: Naomi Rubinstein)

(Supervisor: Dr. Lynda Skipper)


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