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Our Aims


The Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching is a supported and enabling space to allow staff to work together and share good practice around learning and teaching. The work of the Academy will be supported by a small team of administrative and project experts who are there to help with the organisation and capturing of events and other activities. The Academy has a seedcorn budget for the support of innovation by staff and students in learning and teaching. It is intended to work synergistically with the aims of the Strategic Plan to ensure that learning and teaching in the University of Lincoln is undertaken at the highest national standards.
The Education and Student Life Committee will have oversight of the activities of the Academy to ensure it is aligned to the strategic priorities of the University.
The work of the Academy will be academically driven. It will vary with time in response to the needs of the academic community and professional support staff who teach.

This may comprise support for action learning sets, HEA fellowship applications, support for staff who wish to focus on a teaching-excellence career path, support for staff new to teaching, and support for staff taking on new roles or new types of teaching.
It may include the provision of conferences, pop-up events, internally or externally sourced lectures, seminars and workshops in learning and teaching, and subject-specific events. The Academy will also provide a space for academics and support departments to create innovative opportunities for students and staff to work in partnership, supported through seedcorn funding.

The Academy Board

Led by the Dean of LALT, the Academy Board will act as a governing body for the various activities undertaken by the LALT community and will have oversight of how the administrative and project support is allocated and maintained. Membership of the Board consists of the Dean of LALT, DVC of Student Enhancement, the Directors of Education, the Dean of Digital Engagement, the Dean of Postgraduate Study, the Dean of Student Learning Development and the Head of the LALT Administrative Team. The Dean will also sit on Academic Board.

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