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Posted by: batkinson / January 10th, 2017 / 33 Views / 0 comment(s)

Gyles Linwood

Though staff and student consultation, the College of Arts has developed a new College learning environment: the Digital Crit Room.

Located on the third floor of AAD West (room number AAD2W18), the room provides an innovative, flexible, distinctive and purpose-built room for displaying and critiquing student work via a range of media. The room allows students to develop their skills of giving and receiving supportive peer feedback as an important activity in their learning in partnership with the teaching practice of academic staff.

The room will reduce how much students have to print-out, therefore saving them money and benefiting the environment. By embracing 21st century practice and the latest technologies, the Digital Crit Room will help students develop into highly engaged, employable, creative-thinking graduates in a teaching space that reflects contemporary professional workplaces.

(Video to be added)

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